Our Mission

As a family-owned brand, we create high-quality Christian apparel to inspire a life of contentment found in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and spark conversations in your everyday journey. Join us in making an impact—part of our proceeds are donated annually to a Chicago-based non-profit, The Academy Group

Why the "·" in Our Logo???

This interpunct symbolizes our journey toward true contentment, marked not by what we have, but by the fulfillment found in Jesus Christ. It's our brand's heart. The '·', sets 'con·tent' apart from 'content,' just as we Christians are called to live with distinction from the world.

The Original Design

"MY LIFE IS CON·TENT" Christian hoodie is inspired by Phillipians 4:11 and crafted from high-quality materials that provide a soft, luxurious unisex feel.

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